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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

How do I improve my hydration?

"My naturopath told me that the water I’m drinking wasn’t hydrating me, which I suspected since it leaves me feeling thirsty. It’s Multi-pure filtered water (solid carbon block filter, which doesn’t remove beneficial minerals but I’m in Portland and we hardly have any minerals in our water anyway – it’s very soft.) 

He recommended San Pellegrino mineral water, which does hydrate me much better but it’s very expensive and I don’t feel it’s getting to the root of the problem. I have been trying an electrolyte product (see info below) for a couple weeks– not a sports drink but just electrolytes that you add to your water and when I add this to my Multi-Pure water it does hydrate me much better. 

I hauled out my very ancient “Schussler’s biochemistry” book thinking there may be some answers there, and then decided to check tissue salts and hydration online and came across you website. Any suggestions? Thanks" Beth
Gary Replies:
Beth, while hydration is important, I do not think the type of water is going to have much, if any influence.  Please read this article.

The first thing to do is to determine if you really are hydrated/dehydrated by making use of some good science.  The best thing to do is to get a set of body composition scales and use them at the same time every day, like mornings after you have toileted and and before eating.  

If you are consistently urinating several times a day and your body composition scales show consistent hydration, then you are hydrated and you can therefore stop giving your money to an over-sized water bottling company.  If you have a set of Salter 9106 Scales, which are the ones I use with clients, then you can send me your results and I will comment in more detail.

If you are getting enough water then the best way to improve hydration is to ensure you have as clsoe to perfect balance in your tissue salts, rather than trying to drink more water.  Complete the Active Elements Assessment here to find out your tissue salts needs.

You should also be exercising regularly with a combination of aerobic and strength work.  Interestingly, aerobic exercise in hot conditions will increase hydration by stimulating an increase in blood volume.

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