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Friday, July 25, 2008

Why Tissue Salts are the basis of Biochemistry and Health

In the late 1800's German physician, Dr Schuessler, discovered that the body consisted of 12 basic tissue salts. From years of research and practice, he surmised four simple principles of biochemistry that remain valid to this day.

These principles are:
  • Disease does not occur if cell metabolism is normal.
  • Cell metabolism is in turn normal if cell nutrition is adequate.
  • Nutritional substances are of either organic or inorganic nature as far as the body is concerned.
  • The ability of the body cells to assimilate and to excrete and further to utilise the nutritional material is impaired if there is a deficiency in the inorganic (mineral salt) constituent of tissue.
It is for the last principle that inorganic tissue salts are the foundation of cell health and nutrition. In the quest for lasting health and well-being, or the restoration of health, the first and most important rule of nutrition is to balance the body's tissue salts. Only after that is achieved will the body be able to properly incorporate and use organic nutrients such as vitamins, fatty acids and amino acids.

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