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Friday, July 25, 2008

Active Elements Nutrient Testing Service

About the Active Elements® System

Please Note:

I am offering this assessement

for free

This includes 20 minutes of my time on the phone explaining the results to you.

Existing clients: Please go here to log in with your User Name and Password

"You can trace every sickness, every disease, and every ailment to a mineral deficiency." - Dr. Linus Pauling, two-time Nobel Prize winner

"I feel GREAT already!!! My eyes feel like their wide open not half asleep. Got loads more energy.....feel much happier and not so worn out. Went for a walk last night after work and am going to get me some gear for the pool this week also." Kylee

The Active Elements® system of ‘wellness management’ consists of two component parts:

  • The Active Elements® therapy
  • The Active Elements® system of assessment

The therapy

  • The Active Elements® formulas combine the Homoeopathically prepared mineral salts with their physical mineral counterparts, thus linking the energetic and physical properties of mineral elements.
  • The minerals are combined in ways that considerably reduce cost.
  • The therapy is true to homoeopathic and naturopathic principles and is orientated to maintaining wellness, not treating illness.
  • Patient compliance is excellent due to the low impact that the therapy has on modern lifestyles.
  • The therapy can be used as a ‘stand alone modality’, or a ‘base to build on’, according to individual prescribing styles and patient need.

The assessment system

  • The therapy can be applied according to traditional principles and/or with the assistance of our web-based assessment processing system.
  • The web-based assessment processing system offers real-time results and reports.
  • Web assessments can be completed or accessed from any location via a secure password controlled encrypted connection.
  • Assessments are stored and can be compared with each other.

How to complete an Active Elements assessment of your health

The access codes below are unique to Gary Moller and enable you to get into the Active Elements system so that you can complete an assessment questionnaire. Please go to my Active Elements Log In page here and enter these codes into the Login ‘username’ and ‘password’ fields:

Username: 096806
Password: 528419

The first question the system will ask you will be: ‘Is this your first assessment? You should answer, ‘YES’. You will then be required to enter your basic details and to provide your own ‘Username’ and ‘Password’, which you must then use on future visits to the website (please remember your username and password). The numbers below are only to be used on the first occasion.

Hint: At the very end of the questionnaire, you’ll have the opportunity to enter any comments that you may feel are important or relevant to your case (the more you can tell me about yourself the better).

New Clients: Having trouble getting started? Please go here go guidance

If you are currently under the care of a health professional and/or taking any medication, including herbs and supplements, please tell. Maybe give a bit of thought to these issues and make a few notes so that you’re ready before you go online.

The questionnaire will take you about 15 minutes to complete.

Best wishes and I’ll get back to you by email or phone after you complete the questionnaire and after I’ve had a chance to consider the results.

Here is the log in page again: my Active Elements Log In page

Gary Moller
DipPhEd PGDipRehab PGDipSportMed (Otago) FCE Certified, Nutra-Life & Kordel’s Certified Natural Health Consultant, Active Elements Certified.

Do you have a question?
Email Gary: gary at (Replace the "at" with @ and remove spaces). Please include any relevant background information to your question.