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Friday, July 25, 2008

Minerals: The Essence of Life

Minerals, like vitamins are natural elements essential for our general mental and physical health. Minerals are an intrinsic constituent of every living cell. Minerals help perform a multitude of biological processes.

There are 12 minerals in the body and the processes that each are involved in are closely related to one another. Deficiency in one can disturb and retard the actions of the others. This can result in a steady deterioration in health, illness, lack of energy, muscular and mental deterioration. Premature ageing.

Any refinement process, including extraction or addition to food can disturb the natural mineral balance that is found in food. Together with industrial agricultural methods of today our foods can be severely depleted in minerals.

When a specific mineral deficiency is suspected, the diet may be supplemented with natural mineral substances that precisely replicate the mineral salts that are found in the healthy, disease-free body. These provide a significant support for a healthy life, if the diet is inadequate, or if there is a significant deficit, or stressor such as an acute or chronic infection.

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