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Monday, June 1, 2009

How does insoluble Calcium Fluoride get into the body?

Hello Gary,
Has there been any determination on how calcium fluoride is uptaken by the body's metabolic processes?
CaF is insoluble, thus ionic means are most unlikely....some suggest an 'active process' is utilised, but to date I am unable to find an easily understood description of absorption.

Gary responds:
There is a carrier facilitated active transport system for calcium Fluoride (CaF), where it is transported and incorporated into bone as such. However; I do not know of the precise mechanism and not sure if anybody really does.

What is known though, is that it works and it’s heaps safer in similar concentrations (like 80 – 120 times) than sodium fluoride (NaF) which I regard as being a poison that should never be in our toothpaste and municipal water. NaF is a highly toxic byproduct of aluminium smelting that has serious disposal problems. What could be a more ingenious solution: Feed it to human beings!

NaF does harden enamel and bones but not without being implicated in a wide range of illnesses including cancer. CaF, on the other hand, is found naturally in all healthy humans and is one of the 12 essential Schuessler Tissue salts. If we are to be feeding fluoride to our children, surely it should only be the form that is found in the body - calcium fluoride?

And... it is only used in our Active Elements formulas homoeopathically (1:1,000,000) anyway.

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