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Monday, April 20, 2009

If I have let my Active Elements slip, is it worth starting up again?

Is it worth starting up again?

Yes, you can stop and start with your Active Elements prescription anytime.  Unlike most prescription medications, it is seldom wise to stop and start, or to be sporadic when taking them.  The Active Elements, like all nutrition supplements are generally very safe to stop, to start any time or to forget to take for a few days or even weeks.

It is best to be consistent for 3 months at a time

Of course, to get the best benefits from any nutrition supplements, including Active Elements, it is best to take the prescribed dose consistently for about 3 months while carefully taking note of subtle signs of well-being such as the condition of your hair, skin and nails, your energy levels, digestion, sleep and feelings of well-being.  If you are an athlete, then you have the advantage of having accurate measures of performance such as time trials or weight lifted or thrown.  Note any improvements in performance, fewer lost training days through injury and illness, faster recovery and so on.

Tissue salts are the foundation of good health

Tissue salts are the foundation of cellular health with the Active Elements programme designed to help you achieve near perfection in cell salt balance.  On top of the tissue salts, one then adds other nutrients such as vitamins, enzymes and antioxidants to same some - according to assessed need.  But there is little point in taking these other nutrients if the tissue salt balance is awry.

Should I take tissue salts if I am healthy?

You constantly lose tissue salts through shed hair and skin, urine and faeces.  We also wrongly assume that the modern diet is a rich source of the tissue salts that make up the salty solution that bathes every cell in our bodies.  When you complete the online Active Elements assessment, your prescription is worked out according to your responses, which I review and comment on.  If you are in basically good health, this is taken into account when working out your tissue salts prescription (incidentally, this is always two bottles of different tissue salt formulations).  

The prescription that is worked out for you is designed to get you healthy and to keep you that way.

How to resume your tissue salts therapy

You can resume your Active Elements programme by contacting me - and I can send you more of your most recent prescription.  If it has been more than a few months, then it is best to do another Active Elements assessment which I will review and comment on.

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