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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I don't think Homeopathic Remedies Work, so I don't believe the Active Elements Therapy will help me

I tend to agree with you that homeopathy involving excessive dilution of a substance does not work. The evidence is sketchy at best.

Homeopathy has evolved down a few paths over the last hundred or so years and we must be careful that we do not throw out the baby with the bath water.

Dilution of a substance to the point of virtual non-existence does not really make sense.

But it sure does make very good sense to replenish the cells of the salts that are found in the body and to do so in accordance with calculated need. The homeopathic principle of supplying only as much as is needed to gain the maximum benefit makes good sense, as does the idea that any more may transform a nutrient into a poison.

I have studied exercise physiology, physics, chemistry and biochemistry to tertiary level.  I have recently attended two course in tissue salts therapy: One by Dr Les Fisher of Active Elements and the other by the German Institute of Biochemic Medicine.  In both cases, the detailed explanation of the biochemistry behind tissue salts therapy made very good sense and good science.

The Active Elements assessment programme which I subscribe to is based on homeopathic diagnostic and prescribing principles; but the formulations are in small therapeutic doses. One can tell this by the salty taste of the tablets.

The dose contained in each tablet of each salt is small. This is intended to be so, since we do not want to supply any of the tissue salts at a concentration which the body can not safely incorporate them into the cells. Hence the need for patience over at least three months in order to see tangible benefits (In some cases the benefits are overnight).

What I have written here is admittedly at risk of gross over-simplification of a form of therapy that has been around for a very long time.  Dana Ullman, MPH, has written to me pointing out the errors of my ways and recommended the article and website here. These are an excellent way to begin one's exploration of homeopathy.  Thanks Dana!

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