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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Fluoride is a poison so I won't take tissue salts that contain flouride

Sodium Fluoride (NaF) is a poison.
Calcium Fluoride (CaF2) is nutrient that is found in tiny amounts in all healthy bodies.

Sodium Fluoride is a toxic by product of aluminium smelting.  There has been a problem with disposing of this waste.  Cynics believe that some enterprising person in the smelting industry came up with the idea of feeding it to humans, enlising the support of dentists and public health experts to have it added to municipal water supplies.  While Sodium Fluoride may strengthen teeth, I am personally opposed to its addition to water supplies.

If health officials really are interested in health promotion they would ban Sodium Fluoride and encourage the ingestion of small amounts of Calcium Fluoride.

In the human, Calcium Fluoride is contained in the cells of the upper skin, in the tooth enamel, in the surface of the bones, as well as in all the elastic fibres of the body.  You do not naturally find Sodium Fluoride in a human.

Two directions of effectiveness are striking:
  • Everything that is hardened becomes smooth with calcium fluoride
  • What is too "floppy" and "flappy" receives its natural elasticity from sodium fluoride
Cracked hands, excessive horn (hard skin) production on the hands and feet are striking symptoms of calcium fluoride deficiency.

Other Signs:
Unreasonable fear, restless sleep, reduced vision, cataracts, hearing problems, bone diseases, bone spurs, back pain, loss of elasticity of blood vessels, hard warts and even flat feet can be associated with lack of Calcium Fluoride, to name just a few!

How Much Calcium Fluoride to take?
Answer: Very small amounts spread over your lifetime - no big hits!  The amount of Calcium Fluoride in the Active Elements tablets is very small.  Please read my articles on this blog explaining why "less is more" when it comes to mineral therapy.

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