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Monday, December 29, 2008

Gary - should I take the extra tissue salts before or after the exercise?

"Gary - should I take the extra tissue salts before or after the exercise?"
Take 2 of each per day of your prescribed Active Elements (Or as per the prescription advice I have given you in the most recent report)  and repeat the online assessment about every 8 weeks. I will review the results and report to you with any adjustments.

Active 3.1 is the best one to take before, during and after exercise (such as a 2 hr run or 3-4 hr cycle in heat) because it contains the salts most often depleted during hard exercise and sweating.  If you are a light sweater then you may only need one before, during and after an hour or longer of heavy exercise.  If you are a very heavy sweater, then you might take one or two more on top of that.  If your current prescription does not include Active 3.1, and you are exercising hard in heat, such as marathon training voer summer, then add Active 3.1 to your list.

Ensure you are well hydrated.  Read my articles about hydration and consider purchasing a Salter 9106 Body Compostition Analyser Scale.  These are selling about half retail from my website store for the time being.

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