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Monday, August 11, 2008

Schooling: Ritalin, ADD, Diet and Active Elements

...what else do you suggest for our son who can be described as having A.D.D. at his parent interview yesterday his teacher asked us if we had conisidered Ritilin. Nope, that's not a choice in my book, we manage him without drugs. "
My oldest son was a poor student who was disruptive in class. I had numerous meetings with his teacher about this matter but nothing improved. I once went through a medical checklist for hyperactivity and he scored about 80%. (Incidentally, he suffered terribly from eczema throughout his childhood which has pretty much resolved 100% once we licked his allergies through nutrition in his late teens). I knew that he would have been placed on Ritalin if I had taken him to a doctor about his disruptive behaviour in school. So, for the last 20 years of his life we have been trying to figure out what affects him in terms of his environment and nutrition.

When he turned about 10 years of age, I was called to a meeting with the School Principal, head of Department and his class teacher during which I was more or less asked to remove my boy from school. It was one of the most unpleasant meetings I have ever had to endure. I felt angry as well as humiliated: Here was a State school that would not, or could not cater for his needs. He was a “square child, trying to fit into in a round-holed school”. I was very hurt by what was said in the meeting. Was it because it was my family's genetics that were to blame for the school's failing my son! This, I was not going to accept. At the same time, I accepted that there were serious behaviour issues that I, as a parent, had to take responsibility to resolve. Drugging my child was not an option.

I took him out of that school and enrolled him in a private school in a class of just 15 children with a teacher who had 40 years experience. What a difference with having an experienced teacher and small class sizes! There were no more problems until he went to Secondary School which was a complete disaster. By 15 he was a sullen school dropout. I managed to get him enrolled in an introductory computer skills course which was run by a couple of acquaintances of mine who took good care of him. He excelled and is now residing in Nelson where he is completing a degree in Information Technology. I am so proud of him and he is doing this course almost completely independently of his family.

"W": What I am telling you is there is hope and it starts with good teachers and small classes – backed up by a supportive family and good proactive nutrition.

Yes there are several things you can do for your boy's nutrition – the whole family in fact! Drugs-free.

I have learned a lot about ADD, allergies and nutrition and here is what I recommend:

  • Active Elements 4.2 and 4.3
    • These supply the tissue salts that are necessary for a healthy nervous system
    • If your boys do not like to chew them, crush them and dissolve in food. (Get rid of all table salt and salty foods while you are at it).
    • Give them ½ of each tablet 3-6 times a day on their own, or with their food.
  • Fresh Catch Cod Liver Oil
    • This supplies vitamin A and Omega3 oil that are essential for a healthy nervous system
    • This has a tangy orange taste that the boys should be ok to take by the teaspoon twice a day
  • Serve only whole non-homogenised milk (silver top milk only)
    • Get rid of all the other milk in the house and feed them whole milk only.
    • Feed them yellow NZ butter and ditch the margarine and all hydrogenated oils.
    • Whole milk, butter and cheese supply the fats and fat soluble vitamins that the brain needs.
    • The industrialized alternatives are akin to brain poisons.
  • Feed them a big fruit salad treat daily with dark red berries in it (Red berries are good for the brain!)
    • Red berries (Pam’s Frozen Berries are good value)
    • Any fresh or canned fruit Ripe diced bananas Serve with yoghurt and slip in a drizzle of flax seed oil
    • If you can afford it, you can give your fruit salad real nutritional punch, mix a large spoonful of Nutra-Life Load Up Berry Brights powder into the big bowl of salad
  • Get them onto fresh natural whole foods cooked at home
    • Any food that comes in bottles, wrappers will contain preservatives, colourings, flavourings, excess salt and more.
    • The boys are best off these as much as you can do so. No Cheezles, Popsicles, Potato crisps, sweets etc. These can be the occasional treat; but definitely not daily.
    • The best way to feed the family is to cook home foods, including healthy cookies and muffins for school with a little whey protein added during the baking.
  • Manage the TV and computer games and ensure consistent sleep habits
    • Into bed and asleep by 9pm every day of the week, including weekends and holidays and out of bed by 7am.
Be consistent and patient. These measures are unlikely to bring about overnight resolution and getting youngsters to comply consistently is most difficult. If children are in a broken family, you need to have the full cooperation of the other parent because one parent tends to become the "Sugar Daddy" within the family dynamics, dishing out the lollies and the MacDonalds when the kids are with them.

Watch very closely for subtle signs of improving health like the condition of their skin, lightening of any darkness under the eyes, fewer runny noses and better sleep as examples.

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