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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

How to get the most out the Active Elements Programme

From the 180+ people now using the Active Elements programme to improve their health, there are some clear patterns emerging about who benefits and who does not. The key to success seems to be very simple: Be a consistent participant for at least 12 weeks.

The Benefits
You may notice you have better looking skin, hair and nails; various symptoms of poor health, such as pain and fatigue may be replaced by improved mobility and more energy. In many cases, the need for medication has reduced or been eliminated completely
(Any alterations in medication should be in consultation with your doctor, please!). Be patient and the benefits will ever so gradually accrue and they can be life-changing.

The Problem
Looking out for these subtle improvements in health is a bit like trying to watch hair or grass grow! This almost imperceptible rate of change is one reason why natural health solutions often lose out to the big-hit pharmaceuticals that may give immediate short term relief at the cost of long term health. How can we accurately measure and display these subtle improvements and thus provide you with feedback and motivation?

At last - there is a way to do this. Read on!

The Solution
You can now easily monitor subtle changes in body composition (And therefore your overall state of health) and you can do this at home. All you need is a body composition analyser - The Salter 9106. These personal weighing scales with body composition analysis technology costs less than $100. They are remarkably accurate and consistent and use a technology that cost almost $5,000 for just a few years ago. Such is the progress of technology.

You can purchase the Salter 9106 from my online store at a significant discount. Or you can search for them in a store near you (Salter is an international brand). You need the 9106 model which is the machine I use and which my results database is collected from.

The Salter 9106 accurately measures weight, fat, bone, water, and muscle - thus providing an accurate measure of health status. As one's health diminishes, fatness usually increases while hydration and leanness decreases. The converse is true as health improves.

Getting your tissue salts balanced is central to achieving good health; more so as we get older. Please have a read of this article here about the interrelationship between tissue salts, water and health. This explains how the Salter scales help you assess the tissue salt therapy.

How I can help

Once you have your Salter 9106 and you have your body composition analysis results, you can email these to me and I will help you with interpreting them. I will make a number of recommendations to you about how to improve your body composition (and health). This is essentially a free service and the numbers are growing daily, so please bear with me if there is a delay in responding).

If you have not recently completed an Active Elements assessment, you should get this done at the same time.

Here is the link for logging into the Active Elements programme (Please email me if you have any trouble logging in).

Do you have a question?
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